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Some Comments on the Movie A Dance For Bethany:

"A Dance for Bethany tells the truth about prostitution in America. It is the antidote for Pretty Woman. How courageous of the filmmaker to expose male responsibility for creating and maintaining the commercial sexual exploitation of women and children."

CATWINTL (Coalition Against Trafficking In Women International)

"Wow, I am so grateful that someone had the courage to bring to the public eye a reality that is so terrible. Hopefully this will trigger an outpouring of support for this cause. Thank you, thank you, thank you...Excellent trailer, by the way!"

Eric Poffitt, Human Rights Advocate, Singer, Songwriter

"Very well done film that deals with a subject all Americans need to be aware of and respond to."

Bonnie Johnson, Actress 

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WINNER: Faith and Film Festival - Unanimous Grand Jury Award Best Feature Film     
WINNER: Redemptive Film Festival - Redemptive Storyteller Award  
WINNER: Accolade Film Festival, Los Angeles - Award of Excellence for score

I finally had a chance to watch on Monday night. BRAVOOOO!!! I enjoyed the behind the scenes, too – will watch it again soon when my husband has time to watch, too. I am glad I am a proud owner of this wonderful work. 

Claudia Crosby
Customer Service Manager
Asheville Savings Bank

"I LOVE IT...... I received the DVD of A Dance For Bethany today and sat right down and watched it. My daughter and i planned on watching it together but i couldn't wait for her, so i will watch it again with her."

"I watched it from start to end and it was very entertaining. I had no idea that there are children out there that have to live like this. It was very heart wrenching, i have two girls of my own and i can not imagine that they would have had to run away from home to feel safe yet be so abused." 
It is one you can watch over and over again. You should be very proud of it. I am glad i bought it i feel like i got my money's worth. And i am looking forward to your next movie. Congratulations to you and your husband."

A DANCE FOR BETHANY is a film about human trafficking, but also a drama and a love stroy on differnet levels.

A Dance For Bethany tells an inspiring and compelling story of how one woman risks everything to help a sex trafficked victim out of the world of slavery and into a world with a future and a hope of fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming a real dancer.

The fictional story is factual and based on the reality of the sex trafficking market in today’s U.S. The fictional Bethany Stevenson is iconic as a 12 year old runaway forced into sex slavery as a stripper/prostitute

This Award-winning film about human trafficking chronicles the struggle of reporter Abbey Fisher (played masterfully by Robyn Lively) to free her own life from the bondage of a politically correct and comfortable lifestyle back into her passion of helping others. After meeting and befriending young Bethany (Lori Beth Edgeman), Abbey immediately meets opposition from local club owners who don’t want to lose one of their prime moneymakers.

Abbey is quickly challenged when she learns that she is caught in a tightly woven web of politics, morals and crime and becomes a problem to those who want to profit from sexually exploiting young women.

She takes on her Attorney-husband James (William McNamara) and his colleague, Senator George Abbot and their attempt at creating legislation that inadvertently profits them by the retailing of sex in the US thereby legitimizing it.

With the help of Sarah, Abbey's best friend and Co-worker and Eric Vandevere, local dance instructor, Bethany receives support and courage to make a new life for herself and in the process publicly exposes the dehumanization of the sex trade in her city.

In the end, the Reporter, Abbey Fisher is the one who finds true redemption as she reaches outside herself to help another. 

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Most Repeated Audience Comments
A Dance For Bethany Screenings:

" A very moving and inspirational story"

"Great acting- leads"

"Everyone loves Sarah"

"The Music is great"

"Terrific Production value"

"This movie touches people at many levels"

"Anyone who sees it will walk away with something"

(From Audience Surveys at live movie screenings of A Dance For Bethany)

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