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  • About Human trafficking avg 100 per hour After drug dealing human trafficking is the second largest criminal industry in the world today and the fastest growing

  • Anti-human Trafficking anti-human slavery Resources provided so that you can consider getting involved in the fight against t human trafficking and slavery

  • Film on Human Trafficking, Films Human Trafficking, Human Trafficking Movie Project is another point of Light to raise awareness about this serious issue

  • Watch the online human trafficking movie trailer for the Award-winning feature film A Dance For Bethany. Learn more about human trafficking and how to fight it

  • Child trafficking, the human trafficking of our children is lucrative and linked with criminal activity and corruption. It is often hidden and hard to address.

  • Florida Human Trafficking Issues-one of the top three "destination states" within the U.S. for trafficking. It's not Florida's beautiful scenery that draws them

  • ‘We can’t just be spectators’ (to child prostitution)

  • How Can I Recognize Victims of Human Trafficking? Trafficking in persons is usually an "underground" crime, difficult for law-enforcement personnel to readily identify..

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  • Buy Human Trafficking Movie: The Human Trafficking Movie Project helps human trafficking victims, workers. Get information on human trafficking. Join the fight against human trafficking in your town.

  • Human Trafficking of Children - A Fact Sheet for Parents & Schools Trafficking can involve school-age children—particularly those not living with their parents

  • Human Trafficking Statistics estimating the scope of Human Trafficking around the world and the United States. Actual statistics are often unavailable and may be contradictory due to the covert nature of the crime

  • Human Trafficking Victims Protection Act sets minimum standards for the elimination of human trafficking applicable to the government of a country of origin, transit, or destination for a significant number of victims

  • Human Trafficking Report by Anderson Cooper, CNN into the criminal world of human trafficking and child slavery today

  • Labor trafficking is recruitment, harboring, transportation, forced labor services, through fraud or coercion for involuntary servitude debt bondage or slavery

  • Modern Day Slavery is alive and well in world. People living in slavery in the 21st Century is more than the total population of the continent Australia

  • SECRETARY CLINTON: Good morning. We are delighted to have with us this morning some key members of Congress who have cared about and worked on this important...

  • Sex trafficking in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, compulsion, or in which the individual induced to perform such a sex act is under 18

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  • Are we our Brothers keepers? Proverbs 31:8 But you must defend those who are helpless and have no hope. Be fair and give justice to the poor and homeless.

  • Help in Stopping Blood Diamonds and the human slavery and torture that is part of the mining and processing. Let the whole world know about the situation.

  • FREE Downloads – Understanding child trafficking, baby trafficking, child labor, child soldiers and Facilitation Guide to get involved. Please share this info

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