Spiritual Side of Helping Trafficked Victims

Love-The Spiritual SIDE OF helpin trafficked victimsAre we our brothers keepers? Us, who are free, or have been freed from something, say alcohol, like me?

Proverbs chapter 31:8 But you must defend those who are helpless and have no hope. Verse 9: Be fair and give justice to the poor and homeless.

I could fill this page with Scripture from many faiths, but the bottom-line is We are our brothers/sisters keeper; those who are downtrodden and are in bondage. Is it the measure of who we are and of our Christian faith and walk to just live to ourselves. See Philippians Chapter Two just for starters.

What is the point of the story of the Good Samaritan as told by Christ? Could you or I pass him by today, laying on the side of the road in need?

Have you ever noticed in the story of the Widow’ s mite, the giving by the widow of her last coin, that Christ (personally) sat near the Treasury? (Mark 12:41ff) He ALWAYS sits near the Treasury, because where our treasure is, THERE is our hearts also.

My wife Yvonne and I visited Norma Ramos at their Coalition Against Trafficking In Women office in New York a while back. Norma is an Attorney that has worked tirelessly for years to help trafficked women. She has been a big part of changing laws in NY to help trafficked women and to make it tougher on the pimps and johns who typically got away scot-free, in the past.

Norma is also a caregiver to rescued trafficked victims. She told Yvonne and I, “I’ve been doing this for years and I still have nightmares at least once a week about these girls after listening to their stories!” I never will forget what she told us next, she said, “When I look into these girls eyes, it’s like looking into what I think of when I think of Hell!”

Victims of human trafficking are not victims of domestic violence, although, we know that is a form of Hell also! Victims that are rescued from sex trafficking have all or most of the issues of domestic abuse victims, and more! The average age of a sex trafficked victim is still 12 years old. That is just the average. Many nations that sponsor sex tourism boast of very young girls available for the sex tourists pleasure; say 3 years old.

Does that even "shock" us any more? It should, but usually ONLY if it were our daughter or son or a close friend or relative.

They lost their childhood to perversion, profanity, usually drugs, alcohol, and you can fill in the blanks on what else they are exposed to, case by case.

I am trying to appeal to your “better Angels”, your “soft” side, your right brain or whatever it is that motivates you to take action and get involved! Do something! If you can get physically involved as a Volunteer locally, great! Please call around today and find your local organization(s) that are working to stop human trafficking.

If you are too old. handicapped, too scared, too lazy, or too anything else and can donate to one or more of these wonderful organizations that work against human trafficking. Give what you can. Remember Who is sitting nearby at your Treasury (Mark 12:41; Luke 21:1ff)

Please SEE the Truth of this scripture. Oh, by the way, before you saw this page, you had excuses.

We can ask God why He/She left it to us to set the captives free when we see God next. I personally SEE Christ as the Pattern Son who left us an example, a pattern of seething the hostages free and healing the brokenhearted. Then Christ Said, "Come, follow me; do as I did; be My Disciples." Christ came to bring many Sons to glory, Hebrews 2:10.

Please help us at least stem the tide on this, the fastest growing crime there is world-wide and second fastest growing crime in America: You will be on the side of righteousness when you do:

Isaiah chapter 58 verses 6 – 12: I’ll tell you what it really means to worship the LORD. Remove the chains of prisoners who are chained unjustly. Free those who are abused!

Share your food with everyone who is hungry; share your home with the poor and homeless. Give clothes to those in need; don’t turn away your relatives.

Then your light will shine like the dawning sun, and you will quickly be healed. Your honesty will protect you as you advance, and the glory of the LORD will defend you from behind.

When you beg the LORD for help, he will answer, “Here I am!” Don’t mistreat others or falsely accuse them or say something cruel.
Give your food to the hungry and care for the homeless. Then your light will shine in the dark; your darkest hour will be like the noonday sun.

The LORD will always guide you and provide good things to eat when you are in the desert. He will make you healthy. You will be like a garden that has plenty of water or like a stream that never runs dry.

You will rebuild those houses left in ruins for years; you will be known as a builder and repairer of city walls and streets. (Contemporary English Version)

Maybe this is just the key that will unlock the next step for you in your life and affairs?

It was for us. Learning about and getting involved in the fight against human trafficking has changed our lives. I pray you will come forward and make decision for Life. It will change your life too!

All our very Best as you decide,

Marion & Yvonne Williams
Lecanto, Florida – USA
Ist Corinthians chapter 13

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